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What is here when we stop trying to arrive there? What is here, so close that we do not notice? Words will never answer. What knows cannot be known except to Itself. It is what we are. It is a Mystery prior to any conception of “God,” or “Buddha,” or “I Am,” prior to being or non-being. . . .

It is undivided Silence, empty of nothing, continually moving, continually still. It is what we are. Only This! It is where the mind cannot go, where 

mind must remain in Unknowing.

--Excerpted from Only This!
Poems and Reflections by Dorothy S. Hunt

Dorothy Hunt is the founder of the San Francisco Center for Meditation and Psychotherapy, and serves as Spiritual Director and President of Moon Mountain Sangha, Inc., a California non-profit religious corporation. Dorothy currently offers meditation and satsang gatherings, awakening groups, weekend retreat days, and longer residential retreats. She also sees individuals for dokusan (private meetings with a spiritual teacher.) Her teaching is centered in the San Francisco Bay Area, but is offered elsewhere by invitation.

Following a series of ever-deepening realizations, Dorothy was invited by her spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, to teach within his lineage. While Adyashanti was trained in the Zen tradition, Dorothy’s spiritual path led from Mother Teresa of Calcutta to the Advaita teachers, Ramana Maharshi and Ramesh Balsekar, and eventually to Adyashanti. Each one of her teachers appeared to her totally unexpectedly, yet profoundly.

Today Dorothy’s teaching points beyond ideas, religions, or practices, to the “sheer Mystery that is always here right behind and within this moment as it is.” In her words, “It is a mystery prior to Absolute or relative, beyond ignorance or enlightenment. It is timeless yet never separate from what is unfolding in time. The Awakeness we are is nowhere else than here and now. We can neither gain it by our seeking, nor lose it in our confusion. We can only realize we are the Mystery in its undivided Totality, awake and intimate with all expressions of Itself.” She reminds us that it is not a “person” who wakes up to his or her true nature, but Awakeness itself that wakes up within a body-mind in its own experience of Being.

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