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Deeper, Still Deeper

No word can speak
the heart's emptiness,
or its fullness.
No thought can think
its vast mystery.
Yet, listen! 
this very moment
whispers its presence.

Eternally awake, 
we appear asleep, 
until a birdsong, 
a temple bell, a baby's cry, 
a falling leaf, a candle flame,
or a single wordless gaze 
from Silence awakens
sweet remembrance.

Suddenly, time and the timeless,
space and no space,
presence and absence collapse
into a single flowing 
called Now,
where there are no distinctions
yet the uniqueness of each thing
reveals its mysterious Source.

Strangely, there is no fear
but no sense of safety, either;
no doubt, yet no one
who is certain. 
Direct experience 
arises without interpretation,
and returns without grasping,
falling back to zero.

You long to know the heart's mystery.
The Mystery moves your longing.
Enough words. 
Let Silence take you
where the mind cannot tread,
deeper, still deeper,
until nothing is left
but Mystery.

© Dorothy Hunt
Photo courtesy of Nina Cherington

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