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Ending the Search (excerpts)

By Dorothy S. Hunt


From the Introduction

     If you are a seeker of Truth, God, or Self-Realization, you no doubt find yourself driven by your spiritual search but unable to end it even by your most sincere efforts. . . .  You desire spiritual awakening yet may be told by those you imagine are “awake” that either your desire is not great enough or your desire is the obstacle.  You earnestly seek Truth but may be told that Truth cannot be “known” by your mind.  You long for God yet continually feel separate from who or what you long for.  You are encouraged to practice one or more spiritual disciplines, all of which require the efforts of your ego, but you are told the real goal is to rid yourself of your ego. You search for someone or something to tell you how to get where you want to go, but you are told there is no where to go,  You are told to relax your mind but to keep your body perfectly straight.  You are told to love your neighbor as yourself but not how to love yourself. . . .

     This book is about the ego’s spiritual ambition, its search for its idea of “enlightenment,” its frustrations, and its eventual fate, as the seeker becomes the sought.  The seeker’s quest for Truth becomes the Infinite’s quest for you.

pp. xiii-xiv

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