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When we know that we are both Nothing and Everything, the whole world becomes the body of our own Being. The Silence of our deepest being is completely intimate with each moment, each thought, each feeling, each form, because it cannot be separated from them. It is always at one with its own movement as Life itself. When one awakens to the Impersonal, one initially may feel a sense of detachment along with freedom from life. However, when the impersonal Truth is moving most spontaneously and freely within us, there is a sense of deep intimacy with all things. Such intimacy is possible because we are no longer divided from life, the Totality that is our true body.

In deep awakening, there is a movement of love, and an intimacy with life. This may or may not look like a seeker’s mind would have it look, however. When truth moves from its deepest compassion, it is moving from truth, not illusion. Emotional compassion might wish everyone to feel good all of the time without regard to how truth wants to move; deepest compassion, however, moves in its own intimate truth with the moment. If we are clinging to desires to be loved, or understood, or to be seen in a particular way, we will find it very difficult to move in truth. Our true nature has no image to uphold. It is not demanding to be seen or to be loved. It has no sense of lack, and therefore no desire for gain. It is not “trying” to be intimate; it simply is never separate, and thus there is a profound intimacy.

© Dorothy Hunt
Photo courtesy of Nina Cherington

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