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Look in the Mirror

Look in the mirror at your own face.
Do you see the light streaming from your eyes?
Tell me, friend,
Are you the mirror or the seeing?
The reflection or the streaming light?
Look, look closely. 

Look in the mirror of your own mind.
Look deeply
Past thought-waves and memory,
Past judgments and conclusions,
Liking or disliking.
Keep looking. 

Look in the mirror of your own awareness,
Clear, serene,
Deep water-awareness. 

Gaze into what you do not know.
Be steady. Do not flinch.
You long to know what's true before you die,
But knowing will be your death.
Which will it be? 

Fear bubbles in the shadows.
Distractions, control, rage
Rise up to protect an image
That has not been the friend
You hoped
You are looking for the True Friend. 

Standing on the edge,
Trembling open,
You think there is something to do.
But all that is required is to
Be still.
Be still and know. 

Look into the Round Mirror
Unnameable darkness,
Streaming light radiance.
Look so deeply into your self
Your image disappears.
Now what are you? 

Silence does not answer.

© Dorothy Hunt
Photo courtesy of Nina Cherington

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