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Only This! (excerpts)

Poems and Reflections by Dorothy S. Hunt


This Dancing World

Nothing in this world is static. Everything moves as Mind. When the mind stops moving, the world returns to Nothing, yet here it is again! We dream creation into being, then tack on names to make each thing look separate. But nothing is separate. There is Only This! dancing as an infinite display, revealing its mystery of creation. Even the names we imagine are real are part of the endless unfolding of Only This! But as long as the mind insists that its names for things are Reality, we see memory rather than tasting Reality.

In order to see the world as the Buddha saw the morning star, we must be still. We could be walking – we don’t have to sit under a tree – but we must be so still that our thoughts don’t even want to move. Then we taste Only This! Then we know that everything in this vast creation is Only This!, awake and dancing as Itself.

It is easy to see the dancing in nature when the wind blows wild grasses and makes the water dance, when birds take flight and clouds shape-shift across the vast blue sky. But walls dance, too, and books, and statues. Even a stone can dance. Our eyes dance with light, and every organ of our body moves, attuned to its particular vibration and the vibration of the Whole.

Dancing may seem to be in harmony or in disharmony with life as seen from the perspective of a limited point of view, but when the Whole perceives Itself, it is always Whole. The dance simply unfolds seamlessly. God moves as life; life moves as God. When we are not separate from This! that cannot be known to the mind, we taste the Timeless dancing in time and hear the song of the Infinite.

p. 215

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