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Stepping Out the Door iah-sunset img.jpg

Stepping Out the Door

Are you afraid of horror shows?
Step out of the theater.
A door opens into the clear light.

Does your drama weep bitter tears?
Let the drama slide down around your ankles
like a slip. Lift your foot and walk on.

The mind is yelling "spiritual by-pass!"
but the mind lives in time
and cannot see the door to the Timeless

right inside the horror,
right inside the bitter tears,
right inside the confusion or the pain.

Do you think your mind will figure out
this Mystery so it can control it?
What great laughter erupts in heaven!

When you discover the secret door
that leads straight to peace,
it by-passes nothing and claims nothing.

The theater exit may seem hidden
by your fascination with the show,
but when you are exhausted by the stories,

you begin to see the cracks of light
that enter the theater of the mind
and invite you into the Heart's mystery.

© Dorothy Hunt
Photo courtesy of Nina Cherington

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